Daylight Dies - Live at Contamination Fest CD


With the vast layers and layers of grindcore and sludge within Relapse Records, there once existed a semi-obscure band by the name of Daylight Dies. The band went beyond the limitations of what Relapse preferred by playing doom metal worthy of making a name for itself among the hordes of metalheads worldwide. Unfortunately, Relapse was not in the mood for art, so they hardly even gave Daylight Dies a passing thought upon signing them. Ultimately the band saw fit to leave the label and head for the refuge of Candlelight Records. This is, therefore, the last recording the band did for Relapse.

The album commences with a short, eerie introduction with The Line that Divides, and then the metal begins. Surprisingly, Daylight Dies managed to capture much of the true essence that surrounded their material from No Reply – a hell of an achievement because of the depth and beauty of the music itself.

All of the leads are precise, but could have been adjusted to a higher volume. Rather, they seem almost an afterthought as opposed to how they are supposed to sound. The typical atmospheric clean guitar parts are also present, which is definitely a good thing as the songs are not meant to be without them. Not to mention, they are performed very well and bring much depth into the performance.

If anything else, the singer could have had more communication with the audience instead of merely, and inaudibly, stating the names of the songs about to be played.

Overall, however, the music is showcased very competently, something many bands cannot achieve given the nature of the music and live surroundings. Daylight Dies pull this off exceptionally well.

The musicianship and songs themselves are top-notch. Daylight Dies successfully convey the emotion encompassed throughout No Reply, the full-length by which this live set is performed. The five songs (out of the nine off of their full-length) are reminders to the true capability this band has to inspire awe. Unfortunately, five songs are not enough for a live performance from a band of this magnitude. Relapse really cut back with this band and performance, but not from the integrity of both.

Live from the Relapse Contamination Festival is necessary for any fan of the band.