Dawn - Naer Solen Gar Nider For Evogher LP (Orange vinyl)


It’s difficult not to be captivated or even enthralled by this record as it carries an endearing beauty alongside its sorrowful weight and blackened aggression. This album transpires a longing feeling and a search for respite and solace, something that I feel to be perfectly exemplified by the cover art; a dying sun laying itself to sleep behind a dark forest that heralds the horrors in that unearthly swamp where you stand. You long for those last rays of light as if it was your last glimpse at something beautiful before the shadows start creeping in to take you away. The band has developed this alluring concept and the writing accurately translates it, the caressing melodies intertwined with the harsh and freezing aggression, the mid-paced breaks that give you hope shadowed by the rumbling beatings on the snare drum, and the ripping tone of the last words of a dying man embracing its ultimate destiny. It’s all here and shown in a way that will hardly leave you impervious to all its haunting beauty, so amend your wrongdoings and embark on a cold journey, one that might as well be your last.