Darkthrone - Total Death LP (Black vinyl)


When looking at Darkthrone’s career during these last twenty-two years, one is easily tempted to categorize their albums based on the epoch when they were released. The first four are almost always considered masterpieces – which is fully justified, by the way – while the subsequent albums, starting slowly with Panzerfaust but really getting there with Total Death until about eight years later and the band’s newfound ability to mix punk and black metal, tend to be considered bland, uninspired and a kind of unfortunate era of stagnation for Darkthrone. While some of those albums are a bit weaker than the band’s best and some are cheapened versions of what they were meant to be (i.e. Goatlord), almost all tend to be underrated and nowhere is this unfortunate truth more apparent than in the band’s sixth opus of blackened music, Total Death