Darkthrone - Too Old Too Cold MLP (Black vinyl)


Of all the Norwegian Second Wave black metal bands, Darkthrone has one of, if not the biggest, discography out there, putting out albums almost each year. The last few of those have taken the band on a unique path, unknown to any of their fellow bands: black metal mixed with punk, all in an unmistakable old-school shell. Although somewhat apparent on albums such as Sardonic Wrath and Hate Them, the punk sound truly became obvious on the subsequent album, The Cult is Alive, and on this, the preceding EP, Too Old Too Cold.

From the first few seconds of this EP’s title track it’s obvious what this is going to be: black metal morphed into a rocking, punk-influenced form of music that is so unique to modern Darkthrone. The riffs are rather catchy throughout, driving the music forward and showing Fenriz’s fascination with old thrash, punk and even rock and how he was influenced by said genres during these last few years. Here Fenriz’s drumming has nothing more to do with the droning, repetitive style of Transilvanian Hunger, instead being quite varied and highly reminiscent of 80’s punk and metal, mostly thrash.