Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance CD


Back in '06 Darkthrone released an album titled 'The Cult is Alive' and effectively switched musical gears to something entirely different that left their past behind and had me shaking my head and just wondering why. Sure, most of the bands post-90's releases had been just so-so, but I digged 'em for what they were - they were still black metal, and little did I expect icons of the black metal genre to ever compromise their vision as they had done so on Cult. Three more full-lengths would follow without making much of an impact, but perhaps my acceptance of change was coming as I did find some of the songs on 'F.O.A.D.' & 'Circle the Wagons' to be at least fun, which ultimately was where I think the band was going. The black metal days were done for them and they just wanted to embrace the bands and music makers that originally inspired them to pick up their instruments in the early 80's.

News of 'The Underground Resistance' came in through one ear and out the other as I anticipated more of the same. That is until a friend began telling me about how the band had taken a turn towards classic 80's speed metal and more or less that the record was fantastic. Flash forward a few days later and I'm drinking and spinning old NWOBHM records and I suddenly remember to look the album up on YouTube and, well, to say the least I fucking loved it!