Darkthrone - Soulside Journey LP (Black vinyl)


"Into the abyss I fall..."

And with those words we begin our own soulside journey into What Once Was (sorry Varg.) Darkthrone will forever be known as a second-wave black metal band but in my opinion they were much more interesting as a death metal band. Raking in sounds from such sources as Bathory, Death, Celtic Frost, and the nascent Swedish death metal scene, this record is a love letter to the entire death metal underground.

You know, despite not being Swedish, Darkthrone wipes the floor with the faces of Entombed, Grave, Grotesque, et cetera. The closest parallel I can find to this album is perhaps At the Gates' Gardens of Grief EP. Both showcase atypical song structures, tremolo riffs out the wazoo, use of synths for atmosphere, and both releases being so much better than both bands' later works.