Darkthrone - Sardonic Wrath LP (Black vinyl)


The album starts out with the chilling intro “Order of the Ominous”. This is a good ambient intro which sets the mood for what to come. The guitars bark in at the first second of opener “Information Wants to be Syndicated”. Instantly you are caught in this whirlwind of thrashy black metal, and then it hits you. You can actually hear Fenriz’s drumming, which is pretty new although the production is quite similar to “Hate Them”. “Information…” is a strong song, with fast drumming and great riffs. The second song, “Sjakk Matt Jesu Krist” (translated Chess Mate, Jesus Christ) starts off slowly, but picks up pace and turns out to be one of the best tracks on this album. It’s got Norwegian lyrics as well as true Norwegian black spirit to it. Track nr. 3 is what I think, the best darkthrone song ever. In “Straightening Sharks in Heaven” we get one of their best performances ever. The typical headbanging tempo along with smashing riffs, it all fits. It even has a melody in the middle part, before the tempo gets slower and slower. And the vocals are great too, as Nocturno devilishly barks out rhymes from hell! It’s simply the best! “Alle Gegen Alle” is a slower one, again great riffing, and that’s what counts! “Man Tenker Sitt” and “Hate is the Law” are the shortest tracks, very straightforward, at least the latter and are both great songs. “Sacrificing to the god of doubt” is a great tune to headbang to. A repeating riff keeps the whole thing going. The finishing “Rawness Obsolete” sounds a bit different, and is classic Darkthrone material. I suspect this song might have been recorded at a different time, or they have just changed the guitar sound completely just for one song.