Darkthrone - Ravishing Grimness CD


"Ravishing Grimness" opened a new chapter in the history of Darkthrone. The duo broke with its crude tradition of delivering very individual productions and ugly melodies. Some songs of "Total Death", for example its relatively smooth opener, had already indicated the modified style of the Norwegian mavericks. But "Ravishing Grimness" went one step further. Its monolithic and homogeneous appearance was something completely new for the band and its supporters as well. In terms of the production, an almost totalitarian wall of sound left no room for strange experiments. The endless flow of leaden guitar lines formed a previously unknown facet of the band and the comparatively polished sound emphasized the fresh approach additionally. Quite irrespective of the technical formatting, Darkthrone surprised with meticulously designed songs with an average length of more than six minutes. Guitar cascades and intelligently defined breaks formed meaty lumps of black metal. Four good songs and two absolute killer tracks were finally registered.