Darkthrone - Panzerfaust LP (Black vinyl)


For some reason, Panzerfaust is an album that never got the respect it deserved. While people have warmed up to it very much, it still isn't hard to find people. This is Black Sabbath if Black Sabbath were pissed off Norwegians who knew Euronymous. Panzerfaust isn't trying to be the next Transylvanian Hunger, it isn't trying to grow Darkthrone's audience, shit, it isn't even trying to sound sober but what it lacks in raw black metal, it makes up for in it's doom-drenched riffs.

Panzerfaust is full of great, buzzing guitars, churning out some excellent and surprisingly catchy chords. The big hitters for me in these categories being "Triumphant Gleam" and "Quintessence", the former also having some of Darkthrone's best drumming, with Fenriz discarding the usual black metal beats in exchange for a slightly slower but still pounding kicks and snares that really make the song come to life as an anthem of war. I also really enjoy the closing track "Snø og granskog", it's an eerie chant spoken by Fenriz and it works incredibly well.