Darkthrone - Goatlord CD


Goatlord is the coathanger aborted offspring of Soulside Journey. People who hate this album would probably agree with this description. Surprisingly enough, I love it for all the same reasons. Considering that Goatlord was released half a decade after it was actually recorded, it's easy to forget just how innovative they were relative to other death metal in 1991. Soulside Journey had its share of atmospheric and progressive touches. Goatlord is a foray into legitimately experimental death metal territory, and while no one is hopefully arguing the fact that it wouldn't have been better with a full studio treatment, the hodge-podge ugliness on this album gives it a truly unique atmosphere. Music this technical is seldom heard in such a lo-fi setting even today, and some of the tricks they did here would take the rest of the death metal world at least a couple of years to catch up to them.