Darkthrone - Arctic Thunder CD


A true institution of extreme metal, Darkthrone is one of those bands that never disappoints, at least to the vast majority of its fans. Not to the vast majority of metal fans though, and especially not those über-conservative blackers who can't abide this kvlt band having non-black influences incorporated, still dreaming the Norwegian duo releases Transylvanian Hunger, Pt. II some day, and continue down that path forever. All this purity ideology reminds me of this orange-faced guy who wants only a certain type of people to live and prosper in the country he rules, a country which has been consistently developed and enriched by a vast variety of people of different backgrounds, nationalities, races, beliefs and other traits. In a similar way, extremist fans would like to build a wall around Darkthrone to keep all the outside influences at bay. Fortunately for the rest of us, Darkthrone has never been a band too concerned with what people expect of them, opting instead to compose and record whatever the fuck they want to, and sounding the way they want to sound.