Dark Tranquility


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Metal as fuck is what this is. This might be no perfect combination of melodies and brutality, because this is outdone in both fields, but this is a very individual one. The melodiousness plays bigger role on 'The Gallery'. Both guitarists play a lot of lead guitar, maybe even more than just rhythm riffing. Substantial, meandering of compositions might be blinding at first, but I believe, that hooks that are thrown at listener at high velocity should easily sink deep into brain. Tempos change from slow heaviness to fast speed blast beating, like roller coasters. While the songs are shorter when compared to the debut ('Skydancer' from 1993), they also are much tighter yet more crammed. Changes from calm acoustics into tornado-like, listener-spinning attacks are not a rarity on this album. These all sound like they are thoroughly thought out, so well is this music composed. One big part of this are folk elements (maybe some baroque, too), playing vital role here, as well as Nordic melancholy. Dark Tranquillity is not so death metally, though. They perform metal, taking a lot influences from many subgenres (heavy, speed etc.). While being down to earth, somehow this sounds otherworldly at times, too, granting one of the greatest listening experiences for me, ever. There's some keyboards, but they're well done and do not bring anything down. The lyrics are poetic, and so is the music.

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