Dark Tranquility - Projector 2-LP (Black vinyl)


-Double 180 grams black vinyl LP for the best sound experience.
-High quality gatefold sleeve printed in 350 gr. cardboard with natural-touch finish.
-16 pages booklet (30×30 cms) printed in high quality 190 gr. offset paper and glued in the right panel of the gatefold sleeve, including liner notes by Niklas Sundin, band photos and lyrics.
-Including 4 bonus tracks
-Recorded at Studio Fredman in September 1998. Music and arrangements 1996-1998.
-Remastered by Ulf Horbelt at DMS, Marl, Germany.
-Limited to 500 copies

Track C3 previously unreleased
Track D1 & D2 taken from: ''exposures - in retrospect and denial''
Track D3 taken from: where death is most alive'' DVD - sept 2009