DARK FUNERAL - We Are The Apocalypse Digipack CD
Dark Funeral

DARK FUNERAL - We Are The Apocalypse Digipack CD

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It's been 6 years since Dark Funeral has released "Where Shadows Forever Reign", and a lot has happened in black metal throughout that time. Many new bands have risen in popularity, while others have sort of waned in relevance. And yet, the band was still able to create huge hype for their next album of darkness and mystery called "We Are the Apocalypse". While this is the same thing we've always seen with Dark Funeral, I still think this album has plenty of great moments, and is basically yet another fantastic record in their decades old discography.

This verse is about someone feeling like they'll be stuck as a ghost wandering through the night if they die. The way this verse is written is done in a rather somber and emotional tone, as the person here doesn't want to be a ghost, but at the same time realizes it's necessary if that means he will be reunited with his loved ones, which I think is pretty cool. Furthermore, this story goes hand-to-hand with the instrumentals and vocals, as the more epic atmosphere of the instruments give the story more weight in its power, and Heljarmadr's shrieks add in more emotion to the person's cries of him being gone. The dark and horror aspects of the lyrics are written beautifully, and would be enhanced with the great instruments and vocals.

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