Dark Funeral ‎- Attera Totus Sanctus CD


Dark Funeral is a band that you either love or hate. They are frequently ridiculed for their crystal clear production quality or for their ‘over the top’ approach to the subject matter. I consider both these attributes to be largely positive, and it works to great effect. I have been listening to this album for at least a year, but my physical copy only arrived a few days ago... and even though I knew what to expect, Attera Totus Sanctus is still impressive in nearly every regard. So I was surprised when I noticed that it had received such a low rating on Encyclopaedia Metallum. It puzzles me as to why people insist on publishing reviews when they have no interest in the band, and I think in Attera Totus Sanctus’ case, it has been misrepresented. Dark Funeral is a band which strives to appeal to its rather narrow forte, it has found its formula for success and wholeheartedly stuck with it. As a result, Dark Funeral seeks not to appease those unfamiliar with the band, but to please their strong and passionate fan base with each subsequent release.