D.R.I. - Four Of A Kind CD

D.R.I. - Four Of A Kind CD

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D.R.I is a totally awesome band which combines in the best form ever Punk and Thrash Metal, and in their fourth album they only continue to kick some asses with fair amount of blazing Thrash monsters and flawless riffs which sounds perfect for moshing and headbanging till you break off.

This album has a lot catchy songs. Not catchy in a cheesy way, I'm talking about some serious memorable riffs, though simples and not much technical, they are fast as a Porsche and brutal as Thrash should be when it meets the roughness of Punk. The drumming is flawless, fast, sharp and insane. Just sounds perfect with the killer vocals and the dominant bass which increases a lot power within the riffs. The production is overwhelming, the guitar sounds heavy and raw and you can hear all the riffs clearly without missing any note. There isn't even one weak track here, all has catchy and intense riffs and lashing vocals. Highlights are probably "All for Nothing" which gets you into the mood of this album and has some of the catchiest riffs and vocals. "Manifest Destiny" is also awesome and has pretty good chorus, "Man Unkind" has also a great load of outstanding riffs, and "Gone Too Long" is my favorite one due to his silly intro which fits very well the title track and the blasting riffs.

All in all, it's a pretty good album, very enjoyable one and very catchy. After 3 listenings you can really enjoy the tracks, and when it clicks you won't leave this album for a long period. Get it!