D.R.I. - Dealing With It LP (Black Vinyl)
D.R.I. - Dealing With It LP (Black Vinyl)

D.R.I. - Dealing With It LP (Black Vinyl)

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Ok, let me preface this by saying that this is not a metal album, at all. Sure, some of the riffs have some metal influence, but this is a pure hardcore punk album, and an early example of Thrashcore (which is just really fast hardcore punk, and a precursor to Powerviolence and Grindcore). So basically, if you don't like punk/hardcore, this is not the album for you, and even the more metal influenced releases from these guys may not work for you. However, since I am much more of a punk than a metalhead, this is perfect fro me, and I like it better than any of DRI's crossover thrash albums.

This album shows quite a bit of growth from their debut, even though it features reworked versions of many of the songs from the Dirty Rotten LP. This is more thought out, has a bit more variation in tempos while still remaining mostly in the "HOLY SHIT THAT'S FAST" area, plus this has production that is much clearer without sacrificing the raw, no bullshit sound of the band.

The album opens rather slowly, but the thrashing kicks in pretty soon, within the same, minute long song. Many of the songs feature radical tempo shifts like that, and seeing as how most songs are under 2 minutes (and only 2 are even over 3 minutes) they happen pretty fast.

Of course a few songs that do stretch the format a bit, as I mentioned before 2 of them even manage to surpass the 3 minute mark, which was a first for these boys at the time (hell, most of the songs on Dirty Rotten LP don't even reach 1 minute). On these 3+ minute "epics" (Nursing Home Blues, clocking in at almost 4 minutes, and Argument Then War, just under 3 and a half minutes), you can definitely hear some foreshadowing of what DRI would beocme on the next album, as they both feature a lot of the chugging riffs and have the long intros DRI would end up using so much.

So, in short, if you want a thrashing, ass-kicking hardcore punk album filled to the brim with blasting drums and lightning-speed-yet-catchy-as-fuck riffs, and for some reason don't have this yet, download and/or

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