Culted - Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep digi-CD


Doom metal, with accordance to all metal, has come a long way since its early Sabbath roots. Since than, doom has been seemingly divided into two different genres: The early traditional rock form pioneered by Black Sabbath and put into use with bands like Pentagram, Saint Vitus, and Witchfinder General and the newer, more dark and depressive doom metal with bands like My Dying Bride, Thergothen and Winter. I am not a huge doom fan, but I am not treading in new waters. I am a big fan of sludge metal like Eyehategod and sludge came from the combination of punk and old school doom metal characterized by Black Sabbath and others. Many people do not like this new form of doom but I gave it a chance and found that Culted is one of those bands that I have enjoyed and feel are above the others. With a black metal feel, Culted is harsh and unrelenting, yet and full of emotion