Cult Of Luna - The Beyond CD


Deep and monolithic, we behold The Beyond and its omnipresence as a voice for all life. After that, all life capitulates to Rydberg’s burly hollering, giving his all through his own voice and almost reaching growling power that would shred anyone else's vocal chords. They’re a tad hardcore-ish, as indicative of his past history, but here they sometimes get altered electronically – that is, like a machine splitting up his vocals into layers. As loud as the guitars and bass get, his vocals do get overpowered, but he does enough to stay above the waves of riffs most of the time, especially on the doomtastic final track. Drumming is right behind him, firing like artillery rounds of shocking cymbal crashes and numb-inducing drum bass that’d turn an octopus inside out. The rhythm of every song manages to never careen endlessly; a steady, buoyant pace is contained throughout The Beyond, which means drumming sits back and checks with timely, calm playing during the breaks and erupting bashes of pitiless, amphibious assaults during the high marks; no concern for blast beats, complex patterns, or viciously fast pummeling.