CRYPTOPSY - The Unspoken King LP (Yellow Vinyl)

CRYPTOPSY - The Unspoken King LP (Yellow Vinyl)

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limited edition of 250 yellow copies

"The Unspoken King" must hold the record for the most maligned and loathed album ever created by a death metal band. Even after "Illud Divinum Insanus" by Morbid Angel came out, which is definitely a sorry excuse for an album, this album is still spoken of with much discontent. After releasing the band's final album with on-and-off vocalist Lord Worm entitled "Once Was Not" in 2005, the Canadian death metallers would return in 2008 with this controversial affair. "The Unspoken King" is Cryptopsy's sixth full-length studio album and definitely their most different effort.

Instead of opting for their traditional death metal sound driven by technicality, the dudes decided to move into a more metalcore-influenced take on death metal. Because of this, "The Unspoken King" can definitely be described as a deathcore album. Now, contrary to what my numerous deathcore album reviews may suggest, I prefer actual death metal to deathcore. Although I still enjoy deathcore quite a bit if it's done well. "The Unspoken King" is actually a very well-executed deathcore album. The main issue I believe most people have with this CD is the fact Cryptopsy put it out. Compared to classics like "None So Vile" and "Whisper Supremacy", this album is a sharp left turn. It contains numerous elements that were not present in the band's prior efforts, nor their self-titled album from 2012, which was a return to form.

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