CRYPTOPSY - None So Vile Mediabook CD & DVD
CRYPTOPSY - None So Vile Mediabook CD & DVD

CRYPTOPSY - None So Vile Mediabook CD & DVD

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Limited edition of 2000, issued in a two panel Mediabook with 16 pages booklet bound between disc trays.

The most famous album by Cryptopsy was created very efficiently, taking into that: the very high level was raised by "Blasphemy Made Flesh", changes in the line-up occurred (Steve Thibault and Martin Fergusson left the band, Éric Langlois appeared in the place of bassist) and there was not entirely favorable conditions during the recording session (Flo Mounier recorded while having the flu). Such circumstances did not prevent Canadians from getting a release at the same excellent level as before. What's more, "None So Vile" got a cult that it eclipsed the class of "Blasphemy..." and quickly gained even better hype, if not the best in their discography.

But these delights are not taken out of nowhere here. "None So Vile" is indeed a very successful continuation of its predecessor, kept at a cosmically high level, and at the same time showing a slightly different idea for a technical extreme compared to the debut. Of course, a lot has changed, but among the most important advantages that make this album unique, it's necessary to mention an even greater degree of twisting and massacre of instruments (blasting and mixing between extremely different motifs is standard here), Lord Worm's more insane vocals (sometimes even grind-like - see: "Crown Of Thorns" and "Graves Of The Fathers"), but also the surprising ease of integrating the melody into the most brutal moments (such as in "Slit Your Guts", "Phobophile" or "Dead And Dripping") and matching a "clearer" sound (which has gained, in particular, in guitars sound). The effect is clearly different than on the debut. On "None..." songs that allow slower moments are equally important. Well, I mean rhythms like in "Orgiastic Disembowelment", "Benedictine Convulsions" or "Lichmistress", which beautifully highlights the deathy groove and gives catchiness to more brutal components. So there is nothing to complain about! "None So Vile" is a perfect example that even such a death metal brutality can be varied with a melody or more subtle licks without any embarrassment.

Two years after "Blasphemy Made Flesh", the Canadians from Cryptopsy thus managed to maintain the previous ultra-high level and released an album that smashes as much as the previous one. For this reason, it's difficult to decide whether the debut or "None So Vile" are the best in their discography. In fact, both materials are a real top of the Canadian brutal/technical death metal

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