Cryptopsy - None So Vile (25th Anniversary) Digibook-CD & DVD


This edition celebrates the 25th Anniversary fact with a deluxe digibook-CD/DVD edition, featuring the album and a live show on DVD!

Limited edition of 2000 copies!

What is there to say about this album that hasn’t been said before? Multiple words could be used to describe this album: Timeless. Essential. Masterpiece. Definitive. Sickening. Yes, even sickening falls into this category, because believe it or not, back in 1996 when Cryptopsy released “None So Vile,” it was unlike anything else at the time.

“None So Vile” is a testament to the Death Metal formula, and the odd thing is is that not many have tried to emulate it. Maybe it might be because of how difficult it would be to emulate an album of this caliber.

For fans of: Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Origin, Job for a Cowboy, Putridity