Cryptic Slaughter - The Lowlife Chronicles Cryptic Slaughter 1984-1988 Digi-CD & DVD


Legendary Crossover band from Santa Monica California USA

Includes Live Los Angeles, CA, Balboa Theatre, May 28th 1988, Live Detroit, MI, Blondie's, July 14th 1988, Live Corpus Christi, TX, The Warehouse, July 1st 1988, Live Las Vegas, NV, The Club, June 20th 1987 Live Tacoma, WA, Crescent Ballroom, July 3rd 1987, Live Los Angeles, CA, Bel-Air Party, June 13th 1986, Live Long Beach, CA, Fenders Ballroom, September 6th 1986 and The Lowlife Chronicles - 1984-1988 Documentary DVD

CD & DVD in fold-out digipack with 19-page booklet (glued on the left side) and 23-page (glued on the right side).

The Lowlife Chronicles - 1984-1988 Documentary DVD
Almost 2 hours of rare live footage 1986-1988, interviews with band members and friends + more!!