Cryptic Brood - Outcome Of Obnoxious Science CD


Despite being a genre that's more of a niche than many others, it's still always something of a gamble when you check out a death/doom band. On one of the spectrum you've got your gothic beauty and the beast type stuff with velvet synthesizers and choir patches (or even real choirs!), on the other end, you've got the most primitive, vile sort of filth extant in metaldom. Rest assured, Cryptic Brood fit firmly into that latter category.

Brothers in arms to stuff like Winter, Autopsy, Ilsa and Coffins, you'll find that despite all the trudging doom chords that suck like boots through bloodswamps, there's still a noteworthy punk ethos that comes through loud and clear through the d-beats and crust riffs. This more wretched breed of death/doom has been the depraved bedfellow of such punkisms for quite a long time, so while it's far from revelatory, the band tends toward the overt with how it mixes the two, with deliciously gory results. The more death metally bits, especially those accompanied by the higher howled vocals (all three members are equipped with microphones), kind of remind me of a more troglodytic version of Obliteration, eschewing the exploratory, nearly psychedelic leanings that band has shown in more recent years in favor of entirely unsubtle bludgeoning in the murk.

So what we have here is entirely regressive stuff, breaking just about zero new ground, but which deftly mixes together elements from some of the very best bands in this particular globular cluster of metal with some seriously great riffs, spot-on vocals (with lots of cool interplay!) and perfectly paced songs that never wear out their welcome or lose the trail of what makes this sort of stuff great. If you like your death/doom ugly as shit, give this a whirl.