Crucified Mortals - Converted By Decapitation Picture-LP


Crucified Mortal’s started their career before the “NWOTM” began (circa 2004), had they not, it is arguable that this album could’ve turned out far differently; perhaps even yet another Exodus worship band. Crucified Mortal’s were away from the scene, living under a rock; not knowing what was in at the time in the thrash world. Thank Satan for this, as they were away from the trends, ideologies, and influences that every neo-thrash band thought they had to follow. Granted, they don’t bring much new to the table, instead they went down the path that is not very often followed in thrash. This EP isn’t particularly heavy, technical, or even too fast for that matter, but fuck it is raw and evil. And with two of the three band member’s from Nunslaughter, how can you expect anything less?