Crown Of Autumn - Splendours From The Dark CD


Naturally, my love for folk and black metal had me at hello, and I was very eager to get down to business with the album. When I really got into it, and all was said and done, I have a distinct impression of a very epic, melodious and symphonic black metal album with folk elements.

The vocalists, Diego Balconi and Emanuele Rastelli make a good effort in varying the vocals up between harsh, raspy growls and powerful, soulful clean vocals. It makes for a very melodic, epic sound. I can't say especially on these tracks, and list so and so, as they do this on pretty much every song, but overall, it is done so well that not only does it remain interesting and melodic, it only gets better as they change tempo throughout the album. I will say this, though. Thou Mayest In Me Behold changes from a set tempo from the songs before to a fast moving, heavier and melodic sound from the slower, more symphonic songs.

The instruments are also quite amazing. The guitars switch back and forth from folkish, atmospheric interludes to solid backing riffs that create a good harmonious sound, and coupled with the vocals, it all mixes together perfectly. The percussion has a very distinct sound, and helps accentuate the epic feel, and really helps the music move very fluidly. There is a distinct absence of solos, I seem to recall, but given the nature of the content, solos would not fit in very well, in any case. Still, the work they do on the guitar is very well done. There is also symphonic backing, and this only further implies a dark, beautiful atmosphere. I know this phrase is being heavily over used, but it simply can't be described in many other ways.

I highly recommend anyone this album to anyone who is interested in symphonic black, melodic death, or folk metal.