CRO-MAGS - Age Of Quarrel Digi-CD

CRO-MAGS - Age Of Quarrel Digi-CD

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Known as crossover thrash and New York hardcore legends, the Cro-Mags are most famous for their classic debut album, 1986's The Age of Quarrel. 15 songs of raw, hostile fury captured the harsh reality of street violence and the struggle to survive that still resonates over three decades later. But before that masterpiece could be realised, the band had to hone their skills on their first demo. Recorded between late 1984 and early 1985, these tracks were later re-released on the Before the Quarrel compilation, and show the band firing on all cylinders.

The most immediately obvious difference from the 1986 full-length is the production. The bass tone from Harley Flanagan is monstrous, to the point that it often becomes the lead instrument rather than Parris Mitchell Mayhew's guitar (Doug Holland had not yet joined the band as a second guitarist). This change gives the songs a very different vibe; whereas the 1986 album is more riff-oriented and almost semi-thrash, this demo is more in line with the rough and raw sonic onslaught of other East Coast hardcore bands like Bad Brains.