Cripple Bastards - Your Lies In Check LP (Black vinyl)


Includes poster.

When done wrong grindcore can come off as repetitive meaningless noise. Done right, it can be some of the most exciting, energetic, brutal music around. Cripple Bastards debut full-length ‘Your Lies in Check’ is grind done right. The album is 69 tracks deep of relentless extreme music clocking in at just under the 50 minute mark.

Of the 69 tracks about 11 are new. The other 58 are re-recordings that were featured in various splits and EP up until the full length was released. If you listen back to the originals or other earlier versions of these songs they are crudely recorded. Raw yet brutal sounding, the band made do with what they had. The versions featured on ‘Your Lies in Check’ are just as brutal, but are more refined and polished. After years of being played in different capacities, it’s great to see these songs in a more coherent, clear, professional setting. It’s a testament to bands everywhere, if you play your songs long enough, they’ll get better with age.

The album is exciting and fun throughout. There are definitively times were it seems repetitive going from song to song in such a brief fashion, but that’s how most grind releases sound. Listened to as a whole, you’ll be able to see the variety Cripple Bastards convey in their music. Mixing a combination of early Napalm Death, hardcore punk and thrash, while maintaining a balance between melody and noise. The same goes for the vocals, as vocalist Giulio navigates between a high shrieking demon, a guttural monstrous beast and no-nonsense tough sounding hardcore. It’s the variety that keeps the listener entrenched in the record.

For those who fancy grind, you are bound to fall in love with at least one of these songs. While it’s hard to keep track of what’s what, for myself “Stimmung” and “Vital Dreams” stuck out the most. There is a lot more going on here than senseless blast beats and distortion and it’s why Cripple Bastards is seen as one of the genre’s most beloved bands.