Crimfall - Amian LP (Skin Color Marble vinyl)


skin colored marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)

Crimfall is Finland’s best kept secret, and I hope that Amain—which is a testament to the work ethic and genius of this gritty band—is a step toward correcting that. The fact that Crimfall never backed down speaks to the vision—and bullheadedness—of its members. Fortunately, Amain demonstrates that belief in their vision was well-founded. Aside from minor quibbles (and longstanding critiques of the music industry), I think Amain is a great addition to the Crimfall catalog. These guys are quietly creating a discography that’s rewarding to listen to from front-to-back. Listening to the three albums in a row makes me appreciate every compositional choice even more, and the subtle differences between the albums emphasize the under-appreciated vision of Crimfall.