Cradle Of Filth - Eleven Burial Masses 2-LP (Black vinyl)


While signs of Cradle of Filth's deterioration were quite clear with Cruelty and the Beast, they were able to put out one more gem before they began to suck for a living. I am a huge fan of Dusk and Her Embrace and their material of that era, but after Midian everything pretty much grew too gothic and Hot Topic friendly. Some songs have been decent -"All Hope in Eclipse", "Born in a Burial Gown", "Mannequin", "Nemesis", and "Coffin Fodder" - to be exact, but beyond those songs, Cradle has been nothing but an embarrassment and disappointment as of late. Thankfully this live album acts as a final summary to what used to be a great band. Within this album we're treated to some of Cradle's best songs, and an excellent sounding performance.