County Medical Examiners - Olidous Operettas -CD


This album is a straight up grimy, filthy, pure Carcass love and worship done insanely right and perfectly.

On first listen you may be confused and think "holy fuck did they re-release and mix SoS with bonus tracks?" But then you listen further and deeper and you find this is a fairly original Carcass worship band in there own sense. The guitar work is terrific on this album, fairly simple riffs but powerful in the sense of the riffs on SoS as they change very often and are all extremely memorable after more than one listen of this album. I can say there is not one bad song on this album for one exception, "Casper's Dictum". Immediately you think of Corporal Jigsore Quandary because of the double kick and the whole song sounds like it is straight off of Necroticism, the riffs aren't all that catchy and brutal and is mid paced which in my opinion doesn't fit in with the whole SoS vibe I got from the 7 other songs on the album.

Now for the rest of the album, you could basically call it a direct sequel to SoS with a different director. The drumming is fast as all hell with some great fills and the bass, THE BASS is PERFECT, crisp clear and crushing as all hell, whoever is on bass (is it REALLY that decrepit old man?) is a great player and knows what the fuck they are doing. Extremely tight stuff played very well. The vocals are a great nod to Jeff and Bill like most Carcass worship bands do but the pukey burp like vocals are all that much better than most, almost an exact immitation of Bill steer but deeper sounding. The best song on this album would have to be "Blunt Force Flight", one of the coolest sounding riffs I have ever heard in the beginning and the rest of the song is straight up shotgun barrel in your face and shit in your underwear grind with some great drumming, and some of the best vocals I have heard in a goregrind band next to the masters, of course. Every song on this album is kick ass but that one stuck out to me the most with the best riffs. Could have been slightly longer by a couple more songs to finish it nicely but all in all I would say look no furthur for top notch Carcass worship which they dont deny playing, and that they play for the love of Carcass and made for all who indeed love Carcass the same!