COUNT RAVEN - Mammons War Digipack CD
Count Raven

COUNT RAVEN - Mammons War Digipack CD

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Recorded and mixed at Studio Precision November-December 2008. Mastered January 2009. Cover art & layout for Artwörks.
Bonus track previously available on the 7" split with Griftegård.

Count Raven is a traditional doom metal band of the 90s that released as many as four solid albums within a span of six years, after which they disbanded. A person whose doom metal starts with Sabbath and ends with Candlemass might not have heard of them, but amonngst the ones who routinely worship Pentagram and dance to the tunes of Cirith Ungol, they’re a legend. But that doesn’t matter, because this is a band anyone with any metal in him will instantly fall in love with. Vocalist-guitarist Dan Fondelius’s riffs are very similar to our power chord god Iommi in terms of catchiness and heaviness. His vocals are a more digestible and less repulsive version of Ozzy’s. On that basis, dare i say, he is Iommi and Ozzy rolled into one. Also worthy of immence praise, is his judgement of pace and sense of composition. He decides to start with a fast rocker called “The Poltergeist”, attacking you with full force, and following it up with three mid-paced doom classics. No album i tell you, will give you the feeling you got when you first heard Sabbath, this comes closer than anyone else.

This however, is not where his talents end, for he also happens to be the keyboardist of the band and gives the perfect amount of synth as bridge, thereby gaining those few extra points in his favour. Such is his confidence and style, that after giving us four amazing tracks, he decides to present the title track next, an evil trance-ambient beast which the average brain would choose as an opener. Perhaps hes saying, “I don’t know what you kids have been listening to, but I’ve given you four tracks you can enjoy , and now if you don’t mind, I’d like to get on with the real album.” And believe me fellas, that’s what he does. What follows is sheer epic beauty, the almost eleven minute “A Lifetime”, the eight and a half minute “To Kill A Child” and a few more tracks, one trying to beat the other.

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