Corpsessed - Impetus Of Death LP (Black vinyl)


Clocking in at 47 minutes, Corpsessed reveals that they are not afraid to diverge unto other paths with a sanguine stride each time they do so. 47 minutes is more than enough time to make a bland dragged-out record, as we have seen with many bands; however, if you have a clear vision of where you would like the band to be by the end of the recording and are able to build a climax going into each track then it is more likely that you will be successful with the finalized output. With riffs that act as an extension of the monstrous sounding vocals, bass and drums, the grip is fastened on the listener with the assurance of sustained replay urges. And with each new session, the job of scrutinizing the release transforms into a head-banging, indulgent stretch. If that’s the case at any period of time, then the record you are listening to is a success.