Coroner - Grin Digi-CD


Always have Coroner been a bit adventurous and Grin finds the band moving beyond the trappings of thrash to the oft-travelled, but rarely mastered, post-thrash road. When writing the album, Vetterli has clearly taken a step back, looked at his old albums and thought: "These are good, but the next one, it should be clearly different." And it is, quite vastly. You can hear that is it the same band that made Mental Vortex, but without that album inbetween, there is no line to be drawn from the earlier albums to Grin. The material found on the 1993 album is just that distinctly different from the technical thrash that they purveyed before. Gone are the intricate, technical thrash riffs and fast changes in tempo and time signature. Vetterli has decided to go with a much more streamlined approach.