Xentrix - Bury The Pain LP (Blue vinyl)


Limited Edition Blue vinyl of 300 copies worldwide. Comes with a plain black inner and colour lyric sheet.

While a bunch of bigger names in thrash metal have records being released in the next year or so, one of the forgotten bands have resurfaced after two decades of nearly complete silence. Xentrix's last release, Scourge, was released in 1996(!) and left a bad taste in the mouth of many metalheads. To be fair, it was a time that saw very few thrash bands thrive. They had to try to stay relevant by making an underwhelming groove metal release which, unfortunately, was their only option.

But that was 23 years ago. Xentrix is back with the album that the band needed to release. Had the grunge and groove metal eras not take over, this is the album that should have followed For Whose Advantage?, which is largely considered to be their best release, or Kin, their attempt at accessible heavy metal.

Bury the Pain, as aforementioned, is the full thrash release needed for the band, and it's not some half-arsed attempt at a comeback. It borders the heaviness of Xentrix's debut, Shattered Existence. The replicated heaviness takes on a fresh twist thanks to the anger of new vocalist Jay Walsh. Walsh's voice is somewhat similar to the classic Xentrix vocalist, Chris Astley, so fans of Astley's vocals will undoubtedly enjoy Walsh's contribution. He brings a great vocal performance, but with a slight flaw. There is very little variation in his vocal style and vocal flow. You can hear this on the first two songs where the verses sound melodically similar. However both tracks kick ass and are immediate favourites. Once again more experimentation and variation is the key here, but the vocals do more than just suffice.