Witch Cross - Fit For Fight LP (Blue vinyl)


I found out about this album through a friend. He found out about it because of the engineer also having worked on Mercyful Fate's classic LP's. However - I will state that the production here is no where near as stellar as those two records. Its pretty standard lo-fi early-mid 80s heavy metal sound quality (at least for bands such as this that didn't have much exposure).

The music however is absolutely fantastic. Awesome riffs, and the singing/vocal melodies are especially good. Rocking the Night Away, Light of a Torch, and Alien Savage all have super catchy choruses. I don't really know what to compare it to - but it just sounds fresh and different. Very atypical - yet catchy and memorable.

If you enjoy early 80s classic style heavy metal - then by all means listen to this album. Its a great forgotten gem of a record