VOCIFER - Jurupary LP (Black Vinyl)

VOCIFER - Jurupary LP (Black Vinyl)

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If you like your metal melodic and well-written, you owe it to yourself to listen to ‘Jurupary’, the sophomore album of Brazilian quintet Vocifer. Not only is it a massive improvement over their 2020 debut ‘Boiuna’, it contains some of the best power metal songwriting I have heard in a while. Vocifer’s songs are supremely catchy, but unlike many modern power metal trends, there is more to them than just pop songs with distorted guitars. Every track on ‘Jurupary’ is brimming with memorable hooks, intricate guitar work and a sense of dynamics that many of Vocifer’s elders should envy.

With Vocifer being Brazilian and their roots clearly being on display lyrically – and sometimes musically – comparisons to Angra are unavoidable. But while those comparisons aren’t completely unjustified, the way Vocifer makes dense, complex guitar arrangements sound far more accessible than they really are, almost dreamy, is more reminiscent of Italian progressive power metal bands like Labÿrinth or Secret Sphere. Every musician involved with ‘Jurupary’ is clearly highly skilled, but that never gets in the way of the memorability of the songwriting. Moreover, the arrangements and production create a perfect balance between all the elements featured on ‘Jurupary’.