Vircolac - The Cursed Travails Of The Demeter LP (Black vinyl)


I have been following Vircolac for a while. As a fan of Irish metal, I can never get enough of the unique point of view that the citizens of the emerald isle seem to offer. This release showcases a new take on morbid metal that I think must be heard.

Maturing greatly from Codex Perfida, this recording sees a much more realized take on their sound that is a more accurate representation of how they sound in a live setting. Thick walls of lush guitar underpinned by thudding, clanky bass that sounds absolutely huge and drums that truly lead the pack.

The album opens with some Kreator-esque tom rolls that set you up to be completely knocked out of your socks by that opening riff. . . .and the rest of this absolute banger of an EP. The songwriting is pretty sophisticated throughout, constantly shifting from idea to idea without really missing a beat. There is definitely a unique vibe all through this record that makes each distinct change and hook hit even that much heavier. The best thing of all is that so many of the ideas presented are NEW and free of a lot of the tropes that are dominating extreme metal at the moment.