Venenum - Trace Of Death LP (Black vinyl)


Housed in gatefold jacket, including a printed inner sleeve.

‘Trance of Death’, the debut LP from German death metallers Venenum is a deceptive beast. What purports to be a halfway decent death metal album with a penchant for the doomy end of things gradually morphs into a prog metal odyssey of epic proportions, walking the line between indulgent and exhilarating with what can only be described as ‘flair’. The first clutch of tracks guide us through a dark, engaging tour of old school metal riffage, referencing those elements aspiring to transcend thrash via more progressive routes. All transposed through the lens of Autopsy. But it’s all a façade, or speaking in terms of the structure of this album, this is setting out broader themes that will be expanded on as the album develops and unfolds.