Ulver - With Tromsø Chamber Orchestra ‎- Messe I.X - VI.X LP (Black vinyl)


Rather unsure what was going to happen with this album- Childhood's End was pretty good, if not the most earth-shaking thing ever, but I'm still somewhat traumatized from the flat out awfulness that was War of the Roses. Ulver's awful fanbase rarely helps.. it's hard not getting totally burnt out from the avalanche of Ulver: MOVING BEYOND BLACK METAL, ECLECTIC MUSICAL OPEN MINDEDNESS (really? wow! how about that, crazy innit) reviews that were plaguing my news feed/everywhere I looked. Therefore, it's rather lucky that Ulver have done a very good album here- maybe even their best post-Bergtatt effort, because when you have such a cloying, massively over-the-top fanbase it's hard not to write off everything the band do. This stuff kills and I really enjoy it, despite the baggage that comes with it.