The Obsessed - Lunar Womb LP (Purple vinyl)


All in all, Lunar Womb is one of the very best albums to be heard in heavy/doom metal, or stoner rock. Masterpiece, overused of a term as it is, is the exact word I'd use to describe this incredibly personal and deep work of art. It is intricately and brilliantly crafted, to the point where it transcends even a perfect rating. Art is supposed to have an emotional impact on the person experiencing it, and I can't think of very many albums that do that better than this one, probably because it's a perfect example of writing coming from the heart, from a renewed band that genuinely wanted to do everything that can be heard on this album. If you haven't gathered this yet, Lunar Womb is an absolute must hear for anyone who appreciates wisdom in musical form, an onslaught of exquisite riffs, or both.