Teitanblood - The Baneful Choir CD


Teitanblood is like that one family member, that no matter how bad you have behaved, always gives you what you want when you want. Apart from being spoiled by the usual treats, that special person always tops it off with a few surprises by going out of their way, to serve-up a bonus, all delivered with a smile. The sacrilegious Spaniards in this legendary band known to bestial metal lovers as Teitanblood don't just play black/death metal, they fuck with you in the process. This time their gift to the hordes is The Baneful Choir. A pillaging of the body on accursed ground, by modules of existence hideous in every sense; the raking scrape of noises and tantrums by string, snare and tongue, fatigue the unknowing into a craze unrecoverable