Teitanblood - Death CD


Death’ is a logical bridge between the spaced out asphyxiation of ‘Seven Chalices’ and the even more cryptic ‘Woven Black Arteries’ EP, but in comparison to the band’s past catalogue is exacerbatingly megalomaniacal in its eschatological proclamations, pounding rhythmic sensibilities and piercing assault. An evidently polarizing release, one camp with its superficial outlook will denounce ‘Death’ as a substance-less, crude and pretentious black/death metal (or better yet, war metal) release; while the other will celebrate this nihilistic yet grandiose monolith; a logical continuation of the extreme art of yore, adding to its primitivistic disposition an aesthetic aided by modernity, with a unique artistic vision to its name. Few bands succeed in achieving a rounded aesthetic presentation but ‘Death’ truly is an abyssal experience of epic proportions in every sense of the word. Mortui vivos docent. Only death is real.