Taake - Kong Vinter LP (Black vinyl)


Kong Vinter is as Taake as it gets as far as the music and atmosphere go. Hoest once again takes Taake to new heights, filling his music and riffs with black metal, through and through. However, this time he builds upon the more classic rock undertones of Stridens Hus, and even offers some progressive elements. The riffs compliment one another, with some feeling quite groovy, often leading into the cold and frosty ones so known to longtime Taake fans. Folk undertones have also been a staple of Taake's music, and that still sits with Kong Vinter, although admittedly slightly less so. Nevertheless, Kong Vinter shows fantastic musicianship, with Hoest manning all instruments on the record, as well as vocals. The guitar tones are similar to those of Stridens Hus, with a bit more growl. On the other hand, the bass is quite a bit more distorted than previous releases, and this meshes well with the slightly cleaner guitars. The drumming is phenomenal as always, with time and tempo changes abound, plenty of double bass and blast beat work, dancing with the more groovy parts of the record. And Hoest's vocals are as bestial and demonic as ever, with some fantastically frantic spots on tracks such as Jernhaand.