Taake - Bjoergvin CD


It's gotta be a hell of a thing following up one of the greatest black metal albums of all time. Well, let me qualify that opening sentence by making it clear that I was definitely not a part of the underground metal scene when this album was first released, and certainly was not around for the first, either, so I have no knowledge of how well these albums were received in metaldom at large outside of digging up some old reviews. But here we are in 2016, afforded the luxury of being able to look back across years of releases and compare them with a different set of metrics and biases. From the lofty perspective many-albums-later, I can't help but find this album a slight disappointment after the flawless masterpiece of the debut. Even so, it's still a magnificent album and rightfully stands along with the first and third Taake full-lengths as part of one of the absolute best album runs in the genre's history.