Swallow The Sun - Hope 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Gatefold jacket.

If you like doom, you almost surely like this. It doesn’t really get better. I have listened to this album ever since it was published, and I still haven’t got enough. It simply MUST be experienced. Go. Buy it. Now.

The title of Swallow the Sun's third studio offering is a paradox. The album, titled Hope, is anything but hopeful. It is an album of despair, melancholy and ache; a piece so emotional it may very well cause emotional people to tear up. This may not be the Finnish band's heaviest record to date, but what it lacks in pure heaviness it certainly more than makes up for in melody and sheer beauty. Do not be fooled, Hope is a very heavy record, but just like Swedish progressive metal masters Opeth, Swallow the Sun manages to be heavy and at the same time produce melodies that range from captivating to touching.