Spearhead - Pacifism Is Cowardice LP (Black vinyl)


With the end of Centurian in 2015 there are few bands left attempting this style of death metal and while the blackened aspects of Spearhead‘s music mark their own niche it is comforting to return to a style that appears dead in the face of atmospherically obsessed black/death metal projects that’ve lost the brutal spirit of early 2000’s extreme metal. If you’ve no true love for that era of death metal then it is at least worth noting that ‘Pacifism is Cowardice’ infuses a fair amount of ‘Formulas Fatal to the Flesh’-esque guitar techniques (see: “Degeneration Genocide”) and some death-thrashing breaks and divebombing wails (see: “The Elysian Ideal”) in a successful attempt at breaking up the hammered nature of several song structures; You’ll hear the long dead spirit of Vader more often than not but, Spearhead are fully recognizable here with regard to the rest of their discography.