Sorcerer - Sorcerer 2-LP (Red vinyl)


Finally available again after “In The Shadows Of The Inverted Cross” gets released on Metal Blade, the classic demos! Sorcerer is a Swedish doom metal band that gained somewhat of a cult status in the metal underground after releasing two excellent demos in 1989 and 1992. Though their style was hardly groundbreaking, what set these tapes apart from other doom acts such as compatriots Candlemass and Count Raven was the presence of a ‘70s rock vibe in their music and, perhaps accordingly, a little more emphasis on melody. For whatever reason, perhaps because doom metal was far less popular back then in a time when death metal was taking over the metal world, Sorcerer were never picked up by a label and the band disappeared. A few years later both demo’s were released on CD by John Perez’s label, something greatly appreciated by, among many others no doubt, yours truly. The band reformed in 2010 to play live, with the only original members being vocalist Anders Engberg and bassist Johnny Hagel (of Tiamat fame). And now, five years on and more than a quarter of a century after the release of the first demo, Sorcerer have at last released what is essentially their first album. What is truly amazing is how little Sorcerer has changed in all these years. The songs on their album sound exactly like Sorcerer sounded on their demos. Anders Engberg sounds like he hasn’t aged a day and his distinctive voice was always a large defining part of the band’s sound. The demo songs on this record and all are excellent, heavy, melodic pieces of doom metal. Keyboards and acoustics are employed sparsely and tastefully and there is plenty of variety in all the songs; the band even occasionally pick up the pace and as a result the record never gets boring. This may have been done before, but only very rarely has it been done better. For fans of: Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Rainbow, Count Raven, Tiamat