Solitude Aeturnus ‎- Alone 2-LP


Solitude Aeturnus knows how to do it man! That’s what I call experience. Personally, I think that doom albums are boring. But when it comes to heavy/doom metal, it’s different. Playing quality emotional music within metal borders is a gift very few bands are awarded. Solitude Aeturnus is absolutely one of them, just like the old “Trouble”. However, unlike Trouble’s new style, Solitude Aeturnus has no stoner influences and keeps it true. Actually I like stoner metal as well, but it would be big loss if they changed this beautiful heavy music to a stoner style.

The music is a mixture of My Dying Bride, old Paradise Lost, Mezarkabul/Pentagram and Nevermore (ballads only). The inclusion of Mezarkabul/Pentagram here indicates the heavy music upon a sorrowful doomy structure. I could sense the slight oriental mood in the music. It should be noted that the atmosphere and the melodies are created without any keyboards or any kind of third party instruments.