Solefald - Neonism 2-LP (Black vinyl)


As time renders sacrilegious music in itself subject to consecration, profanation will no longer be solely intrinsic since any divergence from the unholy norms will be regarded as a desecration of their very unholiness. At the time of its release, Neonism was considered a heretic piece of work by many black metal advocates, who discarded it for its unconventional employment of satirical socio-political lyrics and its unorthodox fusion of a variety of musical genres which are, by all means, alien to everything that is archetypal about black metal. Nonetheless, adventurous audience, who listened to it through less austere eardrums, could easily and utterly digest its content in spite of all its radicalness. More than ten years later, Neonism might attract a broader layer of listeners and be more accessible to those who rejected it at first; however, it is still, as has always been, a chic stab in the back of rigid conformity.